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Most recent feedback

Alex 2022-01-18:Thank you Sophie for the amazing booking with Gabrielle, she is indeed open minded, lovely, friendly and offered a real GFE. Defo be back. (Gabrielle)

David 2022-01-18:Hi, please tell Trish, THANKS she was amazing.(Trish)

Andy 2022-01-18:Thank you for arranging my appointment with Dolly. She was delightful company and I had a lovely time. She’s a very sexy lady indeed, and clearly enjoys what she does. (Dolly)

Robert 2022-01-16:KENDAL OMG! As the kids say, she is stunning, and such a nice girl, just relaxed and beautiful, amazing time. 🙂 and yes Stacey and Sophie you were both right, she's just down to earth but looks like a model, all round beautiful girl and we hit it off . And to top it off let’s say if Amour signed the equivalent of Messi with Kendal, she'll be spot on xxx(Kendal Piper)

Alex 2022-01-16:Thank you Sophie for sorting out the booking with fabulous Lola, she's a friendly girl that offered a good GFE. Alex(Lola)

John 2022-01-14:Superb company. “Some shoes fit perfectly…” If I was rich I’d be booking her 7 nights a week lol. Many many thanks. X(Jen)

Anon 2022-01-12:Hi Stacey, Leah Rose is a breath of fresh air. A really fun girl, in fact draft as brush but in a really good way. Sexy, skilled, and stunning. love it and a fantastic booking. She is 9 out of 10. ( nobody gets a 10) hahaha. (Leah Rose)

Robert 2022-01-11:Hey, really good time with Leah Rose she’s really top notch x(Leah Rose)

Malleus 2022-01-11:Had an absolute amazing time. Oh my god. Leah absolutely gorgeous, very friendly and very chatty. An absolutely amazing lady. Will definitely be planning to see her again. Xxxx (Leah Rose)

Chris 2022-01-07:Elina was amazing. Thank you for organising for me. Will book to see her again soon xx(Elina )

Alex 2022-01-07:I’d just like to say I thought Kendal was great today. If you can pass on my thanks to her please. (Kendal Piper)

Ian 2022-01-07:Thanks for sorting my appointment with Nia today Just to leave feedback Beautiful  young lady with a Fantastic sexy side great attitude 5 stars Thanks again (Nia)

Jamie 2022-01-07:In the words of jimmy crankie that was “fandabedozie” cheers for arranging. X (Kendal Piper)

Anon 2022-01-06:Thanks she was amazing, best ever xx (Trish)

John 2022-01-06:Thank u for booking with Leah she was great (Leah Rose)

Zak 2022-01-06:OMG that beautiful girl is special...absolute elite levels!! (Leah Rose)

Steve 2022-01-06:Hi...Just had a cracking hour with Leah, fit and so funny. 11 out of 10!!....please pass on my thanks (Leah Rose)

Rob 2022-01-06:Wow what a lovely sexy classy inteligent fun lady Leah Rose is...... im fooked lol (Leah Rose)

Alex 2022-01-05:Thank you Sophie for sorting out the brilliant booking with Kendal, she is so wonderful, friendly sexy girl.Xxx(Kendal Piper)

Anon 2022-01-05:Afternoon, just a message to let you know that yesterday Leah was excellent, hot as hell and top banter! She is top tier!(Leah Rose)